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Korea Special Battery Co., Ltd(hereinafter refered to as KSB) is originally founded in 1952 when it was established as the Research and Development Institute of the Republic of Korea (ROK) Navy.
Since then, KSB had been in the division, which specialized in the development and sales for the defense industry, in SEBANG Global Battery Co., Ltd.
KSB became an independent corporate entity and was appointed as an official defense corporation by Korean government in 1997. (Founded : 1997, first known as SEBANG HI-TECH вс,Ltd., renamed KOREA SPECIAL BATTERY in April 2011) KSB's batteries have the exclusive position in the Korean Market. Based on the experience of supplying main propulsion batteries to Korean Navy since 1990s, KSB has production capability of manufacturing the propulsion batteries for the submarine(HDW's 209 and 214 Type) and the torpedo (Heavyweight and lightweight).
KSB also produces solar batteries, VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) and runs Ni-MH pack system business for the consumer market.
KSB is located in Chang Won City, Kyung-Nam province (Located in southern part of Korea).
KSB's long-term large investment and commitment to R&D will maintain its position as a leading specialized battery manufacturer for both the defense industry and commercial market.
Our target is to continuously develop new technology, products and services under the strict quality standards to support our customer in the military applications and new renewable energy business.
KSB will do it's best what is expected of it and continue to evolve and expand to become a special company in the field of green energy, maintaining our premier position in the special battery industry, but expanding into defense products.