Auxiliary Power Unit

     Auxiliary Power Unit


Hybrid Fuel Cell System

Our hybrid fuel cell system is a high performance power supply system in which PEMFC type fuel cell and eco-friendly/high performance Ni-MH battery are combined by power management system.When power is required at all times, the fuel cell supplies power and surplus power is stored in the Ni-MH battery. During the peak time, fuel cell and Ni-MH battery supply power thus improves the efficiency of the fuel cell system and significantly saves the initial installation cost. In addition, the Ni-MH battery plays a role as a starter of the fuel cell system and an auxiliary power for malfunction thus saves start time and assures excellent operation stability.

- Auxiliary power for ship and emergency power generation equipment
- Emergency power generation equipment for building
- House fuel cell system
- Emergency power equipment for communication base
- UPS system for individuals or servers
- Other auxiliary power


Type Capacity Fuel Output voltage Output frequency Efficiency
KSBS-A-0001~10 1 ~ 10kW Hydrogen(99.99%) 220Vac 60Hz > 35%