Battery Monitoring System

     BMS (Battery Monitoring System)


Battery monitoring system (BMS) is to regularly measure and monitor the state of the battery. It measures and controls the state of battery and puts the data into the database, thus keeps the battery at the optimal state. Korea Special Battery Co., Ltd. supplies the most suitable and reliable battery monitoring system.

- Propulsion battery for submarine/midget submarine
- Battery for energy storage device


Classification Specification
Input power AC115V 1Ph/3Ph 60Hz
Consumption power ≤ 600VA
Operating temperature IEC 60092-504 (0~55℃)
Humidity MIL-STD-810G
Method 507.5 Humidity
Shock MIL-S-901D
Protection IP23 (Control & Monitoring unit) / IP56 (Equipment inside the battery room)

System configuration
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