Battery for Submarine

     Battery for Submarine

Propulsion batteries for submarine have
- High power density
- High reliability and safety
- High capacity
- Excellent life span
Core technology

Use of high impact resistance container/cover
- Increased internal space through optimum thickness design
- Securement of impact resistance (BV043/85, BV043/73)

Use of low antimony pressure casted tubular plate
- Improvement of corrosion resistance
- Reduction of hydrogen gas generation

Use of CSM negative plate
- Improvement of electric conductivity using CSM (Copper Stretched Metal)
- Improvement of mechanical strength of large sized grid

Use of Acid agitating system.
- Protection of electrolyte stratification
- Maximization of efficiency of plate

Use of cooling system
- Prevention of increase of battery temperature in charge/discharge


Key parts of battery

Positive plate
- Optimum designed pressure casted grid
- Use of low antimony alloy which reduces the generation of hydrogen gas

Negative plate
- Use of CSM grid
· Improvement of electric conductivity using copper stretched metal
· Advantage in high rate discharging using copper material which has excellent electric conductivity.
(improvement of electric conductivity)
· Maintenance of mechanical strength of big size electric pole
- Paste type plate using high density and optimum active material

- Use of microporous acid resistance special plastic compound

- Use of copper which has excellent electric conductivity
- Use of cooling system

Acid level indicator
- Easy check the acid level

Operating plug (209 battery)
- Connection of acid agitating system
- Gas ventilation
- Add the distilled water and adjust the acid density

Measuring probe
- For detection of damaged inside the cell

Design Features

- Single decker type
- Long positive tubular plate / CSM(copper stretched metal) Negative plate
- Very low H2 evolution during operation
- Internal cooling system with great efficiency
- Use of high conductivity material(CSM, Pole etc)
- Acid agitation system inside the cell for excellent performance
- Long life span

Main developments and productions

209 Class

Type of Battery Lead-acid Battery
Length(L)[mm] 290
Width(W)[mm] 450
Height(H)[mm] 1,336
Total height(TH)[mm] 1,421
Weight [kg] 517±2%

214 Class

Type of Battery Lead-acid Battery
Length(L)[mm] 290
Width(W)[mm] 297
Height(H)[mm] 1,426
Total height(TH)[mm] 1,511
Weight [kg] 350±2%

3000 ton Class

Type of Battery Lead-acid Battery
Length(L)[mm] 324
Width(W)[mm] 359
Height(H)[mm] 1,449
Total height[TH](mm) 1,534
Weight [kg] 483±8